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Allow Google Ads experts to make your sponsored marketing efforts a success.

With billions of searches each day on Google, you can utilize Search advertisements to ensure that potential customers are aware of your brand, assess your products, and act. You’ll choose an objective for your Search campaigns, such as increasing website traffic or sales or leads. Furthermore, with pay per click (PPC) search advertisements, you only pay when your ad generates results, such as when people click on your ad to visit your website or phone your business.

We handle your Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) account at OuterBox, focusing on the terms that will bring customers to your website. Laser-focused keyword research will discover the most cost-effective strategy for attracting customers who are looking for precisely what you have to offer. Using advanced research tools and industry experience, we’ll create efficient sponsored search campaigns to hit your target cost per sale or lead. Using Google Ads, you can help highly interested buyers find your website who might not otherwise find it using standard (organic) search engine optimization approaches.

For a firm foundation, conduct keyword research.

The basis of a successful campaign is deciding which keyword to bid on. We’ll look at keywords and costs to see which ones have the most potential for a high return on investment.

Analysis of Competitor Campaigns

Knowing how your competitors operate their Google Ads campaigns can be beneficial. We’ll show you their bids, spending, and landing pages.

Creating a campaign and writing ad copy

We’ll design ad copy and configure all settings for your Ads campaign. To obtain the maximum conversion rates possible, multiple ad variations will be generated and adjusted.

Design and Development of Landing Pages

We can point you on the correct path and create high-converting landing pages because we have an in-house design and development team.

Monthly Meetings and Detailed Reporting

Every month, we’ll provide you a thorough report on what we’ve accomplished and what we have planned for the next month. We’ll also set up a call with our team and yours to go through everything.

What is the procedure for managing Google Ads / Google AdWords campaigns?

Example of a landing page for a Google AdWords campaign

Analysis and Implementation of Paid Campaigns

With a Google Ads account in place, we’ll look at previous data to see what works best and tweak other aspects to do the same. Then, to fit with our objectives, we’ll modify bidding options, keywords, ad copy, and destination links. The goal is to generate as many leads, and sales per dollar spent as feasible.

Tracking conversions and calculating return on investment

Our reports demonstrate which terms generate leads or revenues, as well as which do not. We keep track of this to make sure we’re concentrating on the most effective keywords and phrases.

Advertisement on the Search Network

We track the success of your search network advertising and engagement to alter bigs, advertisements, and keywords to reflect the traffic that is most likely to engage positively with your site.

Testing & Variation of Ads

Multiple ads are evaluated using A/B testing methodologies to see which ones get the most clicks and convert the most people. We’ll also create landing pages, copy variations, and test which ones are most effective.

Maintenance is performed once a month.

Every month, all aspects of the account will be assessed to see what can be improved and if the campaign is functioning successfully. Negative keywords and updates to your keywords will boost your results over time.

Our ultimate goal is to develop a campaign with a high return on investment (ROI) that allows your business to spend intelligently and profitably month after month. The manual inspection of your account ensures that you’re not overspending and that your ads are always displayed in the most conversion-optimal areas. We’ll figure out what it takes for your website to be a PPC success story throughout our approach, and we’ll scale up the campaign as profits rise. We collaborate closely with you and hold monthly conference calls to ensure we’re on the same page regarding objectives and outcomes.

What services do we provide as a Google Ads / AdWords campaign management company?

  • Keywords: planning and research
  • Budget analysis for a Google Ads campaign
  • Examine the ads of your competitors
  • Creating and optimizing landing pages
  • Set up a Google Ads campaign
  • Creating and testing Google ad copy
  • Analysis of conversion rates
  • Modifications to the content
  • Review of Google Analytics

Bid changes are ongoing, and there’s a lot more.

It’s time to call us if you’re not seeing results from your paid marketing efforts and feel like you’re throwing money away. Our AdWords management firm has assisted clients from various industries in reviving their sponsored ads and turning them into profit-generating machines.

We know what we’re doing after managing thousands of AdWords advertisements. We don’t squander your money on ineffective experimentation because we already know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll clean up your account structure, analyze your keywords for new chances, create attractive ads, and more. Does this sound like a decent deal to you? Give us a call right now.

Discuss your project, get the best solution and result

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